My work histories.



Worked as a product operations manager on a significant product renewal.


Migration of infrastructure to containers.
Also, as a product manager, I was involved in the following activities with all employees.


Separate some of the functions dependent on the server-side as individual projects, set up a team to develop them as a SPA, develop them, and release them.
Also, hire a main person in charge of back-office and customer support to take over and provide help.


Became the main person in charge of the back office and customer support, handling inquiries, organizing and hiring the back office team, and determining operational rules.
Also, as the main person in charge of dealing with the consumption tax hike, I will guide customers through the development process and consult with accounting and legal.

2016 - 2018

I did day-to-day development and recruited and participated in events.


Left Mixi Inc. and became a co-founder of DeployGate Inc.
Mainly in charge of overall development, adding/fixing functions, etc.


Joined Mixi, Inc. as a new graduate Software Engineer.
I was assigned to the SNS mixi official mobile app group in the first half of the year. I developed iOS apps and maintained the CI server.

In the latter half of the year, he was assigned to DeployGate, where he was in charge of all aspects of development, including server-side, Android, iOS, and various SDK/CLI tools.


Joined Mixi Inc. as an intern.
Assigned to DeployGate and worked on server-side/Android applications/Gradle Plugin development.


Joined Hatena Inc. as an intern.
I worked on the development of the Hatena Blog.